Return To Bowling- Personal Responsibilities Of Indoor Bowlers



Please remember all advice and guidance in our Return to Indoor Bowling Guidance is superseded by that of the Scottish Government. You can find the latest general advice on their website.

The overall priority must be to act responsibly, so we avoid spreading the virus.

Members must use the hand sanitiser provided when entering and exiting the club.

Members will not be issued a Membership Card due to COVD- 19, however, will be allocated Membership Number.

Members must adhere to Test, Track and Trace System – As per the Scottish Government’s Test and Protect system, Indoor Bowlers will be required to log their contact details, at the Test, Track and Trace Station.

Contact details will be: Date, Membership Number, Time In, Time Out.

Contact details must be logged each time you enter the club, this to facilitate the tracing of individuals who may have been exposed to COVD-19. This information will be used for this purpose only.

Visitors must also sign in at the Test, Track and Trace Station. Contact Details requested to be logged are:

Name, Address, Contact Telephone No, Time In and Time Out. This to facilitate the tracing of individuals who may be been exposed to COVD-19. This information will be used for this purpose only.

Members must follow the One-Way System in place. Seats have been placed facing lockers to enable changing of shoes.

Members must not shout on the green, instead use hand signals.

Members after the session must sanitise their equipment, bowls and shoes, and either remove them from the premises or return them to their individual locker. If wearing a bowling glove, this should only be worn for bowling activity and should not be used before the start of each session and should be disinfected/washed after each session.

Members must respect physical distancing. When entering the club, on the bowling green and when exiting the club.

Members who wish food and drink throughout the game must use the buzzer at the rink office. Staff will take your food or drinks order, state the time you wish your food or drink, state if you wish food or drink to be brought out to the rink, if so state the rink number, or if you want it after the game in the cafe.


There will be no spectating in the bowling arena for the foreseeable future. This is to allow social distancing to be at its maximum for the protection of members.

However you may sit in the restaurant area and spectate through the windows. With adequate social distancing.

Members equipment: should you not have a locker allocated then all bowls bags, shoes and any clothing items must be kept at the scoreboard side of your allocated rink. This to avoid slips trips and hazards and to keep the thoroughfare clear.

Members must follow the Scottish Government advice on:

Regular Hand Washing

Appropriate Cough and Sneeze etiquette

Being actually aware of the symptoms of the virus

Engaging with the Test and Protect System

Isolating if you (or someone you have been in contact with) have the virus.

Clean your hands and surfaces regularly

Members must adhere to the changes to the rules of bowling due to COVD-19.

Should you fee ill, or have symptoms of COVD-19, or if you have been in contact with someone with COVD-19 please stay away from the club. Adhere to the Scottish Government Guideline on isolation.

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