Club Rules

All competitors entering or taking part in these competitions must be full, junior, youth or honorary members of the club.

The minimum age for senior knock out competitions is 60 years of age.

Members aged 59 years and who will attain their 60th birthday prior to the 30th April of the ensuing year will be allowed to participate in the senior knockout competitions to be played the following year.

In the senior leagues any sponsor can register one player in their team who may be under the age of 60 years. The player so registered must be over 55 years of age.

The under age player must play second in a fours team and lead in a triples team. The letters UA must be clearly written on the score card after their name.

Junior members and youths may play in any league or competition held within the club.

Junior members under 14 years of age are, however, restricted to playing in only club leagues and junior events. Junior members and Youths under 18 years of age and over 16 have the right to play in any competition, but they must accept that they may be ineligible to play in certain competitions off the green.

Junior members aged 15 years and who will attain their 16th birthday prior to 30th April of the ensuing year will be allowed to participate in the national knockout competitions to be played the following year. (Rule above applies).

Young persons under 14 years who attend the club to participate in junior events and for coaching purposes will be deemed to be “temporary members” but only during the time the events and coaching sessions are in progress.

The composition of national competitions at club level and league competitions will be as below.

Singles, 2 Bowl Pairs, Pairs, Triples and Fours, Under 25 Singles

Singles, Pairs, 2 Bowl Pairs, Triples, Fours, Senior Singles, Senior Pairs, Senior Triples, Senior Fours, Under 25 Singles.

Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours

Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours

Any league or knockout competitions which the club may run from time to time, e.g
Mixed pairs, Mixed fours, Regionals and Ayrshire knockout competitions etc.

The composition of league competitions will be as below:
The maximum number of players registrations permitted at any one time for any team is six (6) and their composition for the various leagues will be as follows:

Pairs: 2 players. Maximum registered players 4
Triples: 3 players. Maximum registered players 5
Fours: 4 players. Maximum registered players 6

All registrations and cancellations of registrations must be made in writing to the club.

Any sponsor intending to withdraw his/her team at the end of any session must submit their withdrawal to the Manager not later that the last league game in that session.

In above where more than half of the registered players in a team wish to form a new league team, they may do so and nominate a new sponsor.

Individual players are free to cancel their registration after the completion of any league session. Where a player has been registered with a sponsor and he/she wishes to cancel his/her registration, or where a sponsor wishes to cancel a player’s registration prior to the next session, this will be allowed, provided both sponsor and the player agree.

Any player leaving a team prior to the end of a session will not be allowed to register with any other like team, e.g. gents evening league, nor shall they substitute for any team in the league from which they have withdrawn, for the remainder of the league session.

In all league or knockout competitions where an entry fee is required the entry fee for each player or team will be determined by the committee of management.

Entry fees collected will go towards the provision of prizes for the appropriate competition. The ratio of disbursement will be determined by the committee of management.

The provision of prizes to the runner up in leagues or knockout competitions will be determined by the committee of management and this will be determined by the entry numbers.

Prize money for disbursement to league winning teams will be given to the team sponsor for distribution

All league and knockout competition games will be played on a time basis, except semi, and final.

All knockout competition games must be played on or before the date specified on the appropriate competition posting sheet. If this is not possible then both parties can attempt to re-arrange before the next round. If the parties cannot agree another date the team who could not play on the original date is eliminated.

  1. If a team cannot play their league game on the date scheduled then they must pay for the rink within the next two weeks or the suspension rule applies to all the team members.
  2. To help accommodate members the postponed game can be re-arranged with agreement from both teams on a date agreed by both teams.
  3. Failure of both teams to agree, then the points will go to the team who were available to play on the scheduled date.
  4. Date and time of re-arranged game must be logged with the club.
  5. The date agreed must be before the second last scheduled date of the normal schedule of league games posted, in the league the teams compete.
  6. If on the re-arranged date a team fails to field a team, then the team who were in the stadium or available to play on that night will game the points plus 5 Shots.
  7. NOTE: Ties will take priority over any re-arranged game.

Any request for re-arrangement of any scheduled game must be made to the club.

Any member who is scheduled to play in any competition on the appropriate competition posting sheet and the time and the date coincides with their selection for any recognized “Off The Green” club representation or country, must inform the rink staff, selector or the tie convener manager immediately of the position or not less than 48 hours prior to the club competition posting of time and date. This is to allow reasonable time for notification of this information to their scheduled opponents so new dates and times can be fixed, otherwise substitutes will be required to be sought for a team game. A singles could be re-arranged.

Any sponsor of a league team knowing in advance that he/she will be unable to fulfill a scheduled league fixture may with approval of their opponents make written application at least 7 days before the original date to the rink office staff for a revised time and date.

The manager and competition convener will be the only persons entitled to alter times and dates of competition games.

Not withstanding the committee of management reserve the right to postpone or advance fixtures if deemed necessary to suit other club commitments.

Unless otherwise stipulated the playing periods will be of 2 hours duration.

Singles: Will be first player to 21 shots or whichever is the soonest.

Pairs and Fours: Will be 17 ends or 4 hours whichever is the soonest.

Seniors: Pairs, Triples, Fours will be 15 ends or four hours whichever is the soonest.

One trial end in each direction is allowed in semi finals and finals only.

Rink charges for playing periods will be determined by the committee of management.

No charge will be made for the final tie in knockout competitions

When a team/player fails to appear in sufficient numbers, the defaulting team will be responsible for the full payment of the rink charges due as if the game was played.

In cases where the reason for non-appearance has immediately been notified to the manager, Rink office staff, or tie convener, and the reason is acceptable to them, then a new time and date may be arranged and both parties notified of the decision by the Manager or tie convener.

When a game is declared void or is forfeited due to insufficient players being in attendance the playing members of both teams in attendance may claim the allocated rink for a “bounce” game. All participants in the bounce game can be filled by anyone who is one the rink masters waiting list.

A waiting time of 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time of a game will be allowed to delayed opponents. Such delayed games will conclude at normal end of game period if rink is free.

An and in progress when the End of Game Warning Signal sounds must be completed and the result of the end included on the score card.

NB An end will be considered started and in progress if the mat has been set and the jack has been delivered properly.

No league game will end prior to the warning signal sound which will operate 5 mins. Before the end game period.

Where the start of any game is delayed due to circumstances outwith the competitor’s control, e.g. and extra end being played in the previous game period, the competitors so delayed will be given compensatory time allowance if the Manager/Rink staff are informed immediately of the delay, otherwise no extra time will be allowed.

In the event of the final end of a league game being burnt after the warning signal has sounded, the end will be discontinued and the result will be the score on the score card at the completion of the previous end.

In competition ties played on a time basis where the scores are level at the final end one extra end will be allowed. If the extra end is burned or tied a count of winning ends will be made and the player/team winning the most ends will be declared the winner. If the count back on the winning ends are level then the player/team winning the 5th end of the game will be declared the winner. If this end has been tied (no shot) then the winner of the next succeeding end will be declared the winner.

A bowl or jack at rest on the rink, if in danger of being moved by a bowl from an adjoining rink may be lifted by the marker or any player at the head to allow the neutral bowl to pass and be replaced, provided such action would not influence the outcome of the head so moved.

If the afore mentioned action will, or is likely to affect the outcome of the head, the neutral bowl shall be stopped and returned to the player who played it to replay the bowl again.

The Manager will submit for approval to the committee of management at the April/May Committee meeting his league proposals for the ensuing seasons.

Leagues where applicable will be progressive and the placements in the appropriate divisions will be decided after the promotions and relegation of the previous session have been finalized.

The basis of play will be two points for a win and one for a draw.

Each skip/player will be responsible for collecting his/her score card when making payment of rink fees etc., prior to the commencement of play. He/she will also be responsible when the game has been completed to pass to the manager/rink staff the score card after it has been checked and signed by both skips/players as being correct. The names of all players participating in the game must be entered thereon.

The rink on which a knockout tie is to be played on will be drawn from the rinks available by both players/teams.

In a pairs game only one of the two players is available and a substitute has not been obtained, or in a tiples or fours game only two players in a team are available and a substitute has not been obtained, the defaulting team will concede to their opponents the game being declared void.

NB Two against a three is not recognized as a game

In void league games, two points together with eight shots will be conceded to the non defaulting team.

When 3 players take part in a fours league game then 25% will be deducted from their final score.

In the event of a sub and an underage player (senior leagues) having to play at the same time in a league team the substitute will play second in a fours and lead in a triples.

Sponsors (or skips) when playing a substitute should ensure that the substitute is a bona fide club member and that he/she complies with the conditions for substitution.

All ties in knockout competitions will be played by complete teams. (Exception to this is the indoor/outdoor knockout).

The players participating in the first tie of a competition shall be regarded as the official team.
Thereafter one substitute will be allowed per tie in the competition. Substitute to play anywhere in the team.

Where substitution is necessitated due to family bereavement or medically certifiable (not self certified) illness the original player substituted may play in the subsequent ties provided approval has been granted by the committee of management. The medical
certificate must be submitted within 7 days. In all other cases the substitute must continue.

No player who has previously participated in a particular competition can substitute at a later stage in the same competition.

Substitutes must play second in a fours including league teams with three players.
Lead in the triples (including Triples leagues)
Lead in the pairs (including Pairs leagues)

The word substitute must marked on the score card.

Defaulting in any of the preceding rules on substitution will result in the tie/game being
conceded and awarded to the non defaulting opponents.

When substitution is necessary beyond club level because of valid reasons e.g. family bereavement, medically certificatable illness or duplication of competition the committee of management will be the final arbitrators after consultation with the remaining team members available for filling any enforced vacancies.

No member can substitute off the green in any competition if he/she has not entered and played in the appropriate competition at club level.

Substitutes off the green will be under the laws of the game governing indoor bowls as approved by the W.I.B.C. the B.I.I.B.C. or the S.I.B.A.

The players to represent the club off the green will be the winners and in some cases the runners up and/or the beaten semi-finalists of the appropriate competition held at club level for the same.

Winner Senior – National championships
Runners up – Ayrshire championships

Winner Ladies knock out competitions – National championships
Runners up – Ayrshire championships

Winners Gents National competitions – National championships
Runners up – Ayrshire top nine

Winners Gents Ayrshire Competitions – Ayrshire championships
Winners Regional Competitions – National championships

By selection (Age restriction applies) – School of excellence
Winner Junior competition – Royal Mail Competition

When for some reason any player is unable to represent the club in a national or other recognized inter club competition, prompt notice (when possible) should be given to the committee of management to enable replacements to be found.

When a player or players is/are the winners of more that one competition at club level, prompt notice must be given to the committee of management of the competition they decide to play in to enable replacements to be found.

If a player representing AIBC in any recognized and approved competition off the green and is due to play at club level during the time so engaged then the game at club level shall be rearranged provided a notification of the circumstances is immediately lodged with the manager, Rink staff or selector.

All players representing the club off the green shall wear the appropriate dress of AIBC required by the rules of the competition.

In all club finals and semi finals the dress for all the players will be white above the waist and below the waist it will be grey trousers for gents and grey skirts for ladies or sports trousers with brown or grey shoes.

Where the foregoing rules do not specifically state league or knockout competitions then the rule made will apply to both.

All certified umpires, and qualified committee of management members, the manager and rink staff while on duty may act as umpires. The above may not be called upon to adjudicate or arbitrate in a section of a game being played at club level in which they may be interested parties. Not withstanding, where no other umpire is available then any of the foregoing who may be present may offer his/her services and if accepted by the players/teams involved then any decision made by the chosen umpire shall be final. Any person umpiring must make a decision which is final before leaving the head.

Laws of the games are those stated by the S.I.B.A. All alleged breaches of the foregoing rules must be submitted in writing to the club secretary within 48 hours of the commission thereof.

Default against any of the preceding rules may result in disqualification or other such penalty as the committee of management may decide.

No one will be absolved from consequences of infringing the aforementioned rules on the grounds of not having read them.

The committee of management reserve the right to amend or extend the foregoing rules should circumstances arise to make this necessary.

These rules and regulations now rescind all previous rules and regulations made on these matters. Approved by the committee.

It is the hope and intention of the committee of management that with the co-operation from all members and adherence to the aforementioned rules and regulations that they will operate successfully. It is hoped that both members and players enjoy good and sporting contests together with fine bowling and fellowship.

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