Club Covid-19 Statement



FOR SESSION 2020/2021

As lockdown eases and fewer restrictions are in place, Ardrossan Indoor Bowling Club following Scottish Government advice, will re-open for bounce games on the 24th August, 2020. The club opening hours will be from 10am -2pm, Monday to Friday. League games will commence on the 14th September all going well with the Government’s route map, First Minister will confirm 10th September.

The club is now open to plan and prepare for re-opening.

Subscriptions fees can be taken from Monday 17th August. For session 2020/2021 the Subscription fees will remain the same as last season, similar the rink fees will also remain the same as last season. Full members £80, New Members £40 for the first year.

To enable this return to bowling there has been some alterations to the premises to enable Social Distancing, also new Rules and Regulations, new guidance, guidelines to follow this season to allow for bowling to take place without too much interruption.

Please read the information for Personal Bowlers Responsibilities, Guidelines and Rules and Regulations changes for this season. Once read please sign that you have read these documents.

The Management Committee following guidelines from Scottish Government have Risk Assessments in place for return to bowling.

Everyone is responsible for a safe return to bowling, increased hygiene procedures, adhering to guidance and by doing so, we will collectively help to reduce the spread of the virus, protecting each other.

The Management Committee and Staff are responsible for the operations of the facilities and facility users must follow the local instructions.

Guidance will follow, in line with Scottish Government advice as we look at the journey of returning to normal play.

Our priority is a safe initial return to the sport. The health and well-being of everyone who enjoys the facilities of Ardrossan Indoor Bowling Club is of the utmost importance.

As we return have patience with each other, as we have new procedures in place this season and it will take time to get used to new systems. They call it ‘The New Normal’.

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